share photos, art and other content for crypto
PictureEx is a Blockchain-based platform
that makes it possible for (professional)
artists to share and sell photos, art and
other content worldwide for free or an
optional price.

What is PictureEX?

As a photographer or artist you can easily upload any (live) content you would like to sell or share through our platform. Our platform makes it possible to rent or purchase copyrighted content directly from the artist. The currency used on our platform will be PIC, allowing users to perform and receive micropayments and tips from users all over the world.
When you deposit fiat or one of the accepted cryptocurrencies onto our platform, it is immediately converted to PIC through either our fiat- or crypto gateway giving you the best rate available at that moment.
The PIC Mobile App will be the key to mass adoption. It will be a very straight-forward and easy to use application, enabling users to keep track of their purchases, sales and current offers on the market in almost every corner of the world. Follow your favorite artists, see their content portfolio and get in touch!
PictureEx is running its own POS Quark Blockchain, giving you the possibility to stake PIC in our wallet and/or set up a masternode to receive rewards in PIC and increase network stability.

PictureEX Mobile App: PICapp

A mobile app for both Android and iPhone called “The PICapp” will be available to make transactions simple and seamless for both the sellers and the buyers.

How does a transaction on the PictureEx Platform work?

A) The artist uploads their content on the PictureEx platform and puts up an asking price.
B) The buyer accepts the offer.
C) The swap gets executed, the content and the agreed upon amount of PIC are locked in and escrowed. If the taker uses a currency other than PIC this will automatically be swapped to PIC through our fiat- or crypto gateway.
D) After the transaction is confirmed, the content will be available to download for the buying party and the agreed upon amount of PIC will be deposited in the uploader’s PIC wallet.
Our platform will of course offer much more possibilities next to the example given above.

PoS / Masternodes

Our POS Quarkchain is supported by Masternodes and staking wallets. Masternodes are not standalone and are connected to one another to ensure stability and a decentralized network. The Masternodes and staking wallets are the backbone of the PIC Network.
Masternodes are full nodes and have access plus a direct connection to the whole copy of the Blockchain. A Masternode can validate transactions on the network and push new blocks onto the Blockchain. Masternodes require a certain amount of PIC to be locked in, in order to function.
The amount of PIC necessary to set up and operate one Masternode is 50.000.000 PIC. In return, a Masternode on average receives 10% of their size in PIC yearly. Staking PIC in your wallet will give you an average yearly return of 5% of the amount of PIC you are staking.


2019 Q1
One-Paper / Roadmap / Concept Website / New Logo Graphic / Marketing Plan
2019 Q3
Website update / White Paper / Applying CMC / Masternode Statics Website Listing / Explainer Video / Bitcointalk Rebranding
2019 Q4
List On More Exchanges / Possible Partnership / Start Building PictureEX Platform & PICapp / Roadmap Update
2019 Q2
New Website / Internal Beta Test Of Wallet
2019 Q3 / Minor Delay from Q2
Wallet Release (with Staking & Masternodes) / 3 Exchange Listings / The Pic-deck
Launch PictureEX Web Platform / Smartphone App Release



  • 44 billion PIC


  • Pre mined for the swap 24 billion


  • 3.75 billion marketing funds
  • 3.75 billion development funds
  • 4 billion team

Staking Rewards

The amount of PIC necessary to set up a masternode is 50.000.000. A masternode will give you double the rewards compared to normal staking. The calculations below are based on a 24 Billion circulating supply.
Avg Reward for staking
Avg Reward with masternode

Our Team Members

Swap instructions

We are inviting you to take part in an amazing PIC Token Swap Campaign:  to change your old PIC Tokens to New PIC Coins.
Token Swap will start on November 20 and end on December 20.
Don’t miss such a great opportunity to get your new Shiny PIC Coins!


PictureEX is currently listed on these exchanges:

Masternode hosting service / exchange:


Get our PIC-deck here. This pitchdeck is easy to share with friends and family who want to know more about PictureEX